IC 1396, Elephants's Trunk Nebula

2019-10-26 / Click on image to enlarge


The Elephant’s Trunk Nebula, IC 1396, is an emission nebula in the constellation Cepheus, located at a distance of 2,450 light years from Earth. The relatively faint nebula is more than 100 light years in diameter. The Elephant’s Trunk Nebula is a region of star formation, with more than 250 young stars, several of them less than 100,000 years old.

The picture above only shows the small part, 20 light years wide, the nebula is named after. This elongated globule of dust and gas resembles an elephant’s head and trunk.

Technical Details

LocationZollikerberg, Switzerland
CameraNikon DSLR D810A
TelescopeTS ONTC 12" f/4 Carbon Newton
OpticsTS 2,5" Wynne Coma Corrector
Focal Length1140mm
MountiOptron CEM60 Center-Balanced Equatorial Mount
AutoguidingLacerta MGEN2 (Autoguiding, Dithering)
Planetarium SoftwareStellarium
Image Session ControlAPT - Astro Photography Tool v3.81, ASCOM Platform 6
Lights63 x 120s (total 2h06'), ISO-1600, additional Biases, Flats, no Darks
Stacking SoftwarePixinsight 1.8, Drizzle 2x
Image ProcessingPixinsight 1.8