Sunflower Galaxy, M63

2017-05-27 / Image Details (Click on image to enlarge)


The Sunflower Galaxy, M63 or NGC5055, is a famous spiral galaxy located in the northern constellation Canes Venatici. M63 was named Sunflower after its appearance, with a bright yellow central disc and a number of short spiral arm segments dotted with starburst regions and dust lanes. The Sunflower Galaxy lies roughly 37 million light years from Earth and occupies an area of 12.6 by 7.2 arc minutes, which corresponds to a spatial diameter of 98,000 light years or roughly the same size as the Milky Way. M63 has a mass 140 billion times that of the Sun.

Technical Details

LocationZollikerberg, Switzerland
CameraNikon DSLR D810A
TelescopeSkywatcher Quattro 8CF 200 DS Fibre OTA Newton Carbon
Special LenseSkywatcher Newtonian F4 Coma Corrector
MountSkywatcher AZ-EQ6, EQASCOM, Stellarium
AutoguidingLacerta MGEN2 (Autoguiding, Dithering und Camera Control)
Camera ControlDigicamcontrol (Focus, Camera Control)
Lights50 x 120s (1h40'), ISO-1600, additional Biases, Flats, no Darks
Stacking SoftwarePixinsight 1.8, Bayer Drizzle 2x
Image ProcessingPixinsight 1.8