NGC 1579, Northern Trifid Nebula

2020-01-13 / Click on image to enlarge

NGC 1579, also called the Northern Trifid Nebula or Trifid of the North, is a beautiful reflection nebula in the constellation of Perseus. It is referred to as the Northern Trifid because of its similar appearance to the Trifid Nebula, which is located in the southern celestial hemisphere. NGC 1579 is about 2,100 light years away and 3 light years in diameter.

NGC 1579 is, like the Trifid Nebula further south, a wonderful nebula contrasting blue and red colors, which originate from starlight reflected by dust and emissions of clouds of glowing hydrogen. The distinctive color of the dark dust lanes prominent in the nebula's central regions is the result of the illumination from a heavily reddened bright star, which is itself a hydrogen alpha emitter. The smaller reflection object toward the left is IC 2067.


Technical Details

LocationZollikerberg, Switzerland
CameraNikon DSLR D810A
TelescopeTS ONTC 12" f/4 Carbon Newton
OpticsTS 2,5" Wynne Coma Corrector
Focal Length1140mm
MountiOptron CEM60 Center-Balanced Equatorial Mount
AutoguidingLacerta MGEN2 (Autoguiding, Dithering)
Planetarium SoftwareStellarium
Image Session ControlAPT - Astro Photography Tool v3.81, ASCOM Platform 6
Lights70 x 120s (total 2h20'), ISO-1600, additional Biases, Flats, no Darks
Stacking SoftwarePixinsight 1.8, Drizzle 2x
Image ProcessingPixinsight 1.8