Fireworks Galaxy, NGC6946

2018-09-19 / Click on image to enlarge

"Superb seeing that evening reveals a great galaxy."

The Fireworks Galaxy or NGC6946 is a medium sized spiral galaxy located about 22 million light years from Earth positioned on the border between Cepheus and Cygnus. In the last 100 years nine supernovae have been observed in NGC 6946, hence the nickname the Fireworks Galaxy.

Technical Details

LocationZollikerberg, Switzerland
CameraNikon DSLR D810A
TelescopeTS ONCT 12" f/4 Carbon Newton
Special LenseTS 2,5" Wynne Coma Corrector
MountiOptron CEM60 Center-Balanced Equatorial Mount
AutoguidingLacerta MGEN2 (Autoguiding, Dithering)
Planetarium SoftwareStellarium
Image Session ControlAPT - Astro Photography Tool v3.5, ASCOM Platform 6
Lights76 x 120s (total 2h32'), ISO-1600, additional Biases, Flats, no Darks
Stacking SoftwarePixinsight 1.8, Drizzle 2x
Image ProcessingPixinsight 1.8