Wizard Nebula, NGC 7380

2016-09-29, 2016-10-10 / Image Details (Click on image to enlarge)

"The Wizard Nebula is not an easy object to photograph. It needs a lot of capture time and good seeing conditions. We took the images during two sessions on Sept 29 and Oct 10 2016."

The Wizard nebula surrounds developing open star cluster NGC 7380 which is still embedded in its natal cloud of interstellar gas and dust. Visually, this interplay of stars, gas and dust has created a shape that appears like a fictional medieval sorcerer, hence its name. It is located 7200 light years away.

Technical Details

LocationZollikerberg, Switzerland
CameraNikon DSLR D810A
TelescopeSkywatcher Quattro 8CF 200 DS Fibre OTA Newton Carbon
Special LenseSkywatcher Newtonian F4 Coma Corrector
MountSkywatcher AZ-EQ6 Pro SyncScan GoTo
AutoguidingLacerta MGEN2 (Autoguiding, Dithering und Camera Control)
Camera ControlDigicamcontrol (Focus, Camera Control)
Lights62 x 120s / 57 x 120s (total 119 lights, 3h58'), ISO-1600, additional Biases, Flats, no Darks
Stacking SoftwarePixinsight 1.8
Image ProcessingPixinsight 1.8